Ancient Truth/Modern Faith

ancient truth, modern faith Part I

truth cannot exist in manifold opposites leading to a base.

it must exist in manifold likenesses stemming from the base

like a tree starting from roots, to the trunk to the branches, leaves, and fruit. it follows logical and reasonable and organic unity of structure…..

no one sees branches stemming from the ground leading to a trunk. leaves supporting branches to a trunk…..

this is chaotic and dismembered and dead….
so too Jesus Christ began symbiotically by designing Judaism from Eden the Tree of Life saving the world by an Arc..then into Mosaic Law and, appeared and presented himself in the Ark of the Covenant, presenting as Manna, bread from heaven sustaining them 40 years and then sat in the Holy of Holies requiring blood of lambs, but then cut the tree down after being born into the Ark….the Blessed Virgin Mary….no he didnt cut everything down…He said he completed it…..He said I AM the bread from heaven….He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life….(not human flesh and blood but Gods resurrected perfection..) .not destroy everything thus far…perfecting it……Jesus Christ is not a dismembered and chaotic tree…..but made a tree of Life that is substantial and real and tangible and yet representative….and it is present again in the Heavenly City spoken of in the Apocalypse from John the Revelator…..and his Mother is present standing on the moon with the Twelve Stars which are the Apostles….huh? yeah all Scriptural…all very orthodox….



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