A response to Rachel Held Evans “Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church”

While I agree with what she (Evans) is saying on some vaguely lit avenue, and that we know how hippy-hyper-capitalist street preachers drew crowds through the 90s, mega-churches are still drawing thousands of people who want to be nominal, loosely-knit, and not given the “whole guidance” of Christ’s Church. Yes, it includes radical and tough love as so many Christians are willing to “BOLD-CAP” shoot verses out of holy scripture. I love people in the LGBT community but it must be known that it is not acceptable to the Christians of the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church. Evan’s article seems at first read to be a shallow apology to the LGBT micro-minority, an article  masquerading as a search for substance of truth, but seemingly just as agenda-driven than a baby-booming-consumer hippy pastor trying to keep a seat filled-to-keep-the-empire humming along in its 501(C)3 money-making, corporately-structured bliss.  What is missing is authenticity, she is correct, and that is needed wherever it is lacking in any organization and wherever people meet at any level of social construction. Fortune 500s do not lack discipline in the ranks of their mission; they do not lack vision nor highly ordered structure and constant monitoring of best practices and utilization of constraints. Yes, Jesus is what we want without pretension. However, you can still be authentically and non-pretentiously false in a belief system. Atheists have doctrine and creed written in the pages of The Humanist Manifestos: to rid the world of all religion, and it is all organized. Whether it is militant adherence to antiquated and disproved Darwinian evolution and it’s consequence of the most violent century in history or the systematic deconstruction of the life-giving traditional family in America, the Church still has an unspeakably, politically incorrect opponent. Yes, it is that serpent that Jesus makes literal reference to time and again. The spiritual enemy of the Church. But on the focus end of this spectrum, Jesus is not who we collectively and democratically elect him to be. No, he is historically and experientially who he says he is, the head of the Church. He organized and appointed a Church to preserve and share what he said, did, and wanted us to do and how to do it. What is lacking is the sacramental Church of History: A Church that infused discipline in its radical Love, knowing that Family is the base structure of the Church, that this un-enslaving hierarchy must abide in the family and the Church more than it exists in government, corporations, or any other successful organization and association, that an actual unified vision be alive and growing, that there must be consequence for not conforming to the standard Christ and his apostles presented in detail, but that there are unexplainable rewards for conforming to this standard, a heavenly hope and reward which promotes holy and ascetic living here in the temporal: the “salt” Jesus said his Church would be. The very reason people would long to be a part of this body of believers, the body of Christ. People are indeed like sheep and need a authentic shepherd, one full of grace and actually guiding and feeding them, nourishing with care; not favoring the man who has much wealth because the Church is not dependent on wealth, not built on the structure of man’s economy. People do not need a talking-head who imparts their presence to them for thirty minutes twice a week and disappears off into the realm of backstage. How about someone we do not see most of the time in Church because he is presenting Christ to us instead, and we see him more apart from his duty to serve “10 neatly ordered points” that might be better at a Toastmaster or company meeting? So where is my John Chapter 6 Jesus that I consume on the first day of the week, every week, or if I do not, I walk away with consequence and Jesus knows this? Where is the Ephesian and Corinthian Church Paul instructed that if I get a divorce of convenience and desire and do not reconcile,  I am denied access to the Body and Blood of Jesus as the Early Church reiterated time and again? Where is the Church that requires baptism of the believer as the Apostles did? Where is the Church that “Hades will not prevail against.”? Where is the Church that requires an act of commitment and involvement and not a misleading, “Accept Jesus into your heart and that is it, you’re finished, there is nothing else you have to do….” go have a coffee at Higher, Holy, Divine Grounds of Percolating Perniciousness and start talking like we do………? (no offense to fellow coffee admirers) Where is the Church that has not been Dissected and  Divided a few thousand times just in the last 200 years and is not trying to justify apparent ethereal unity? Will the Literal and Tangible Church please stand up? People are indeed looking for it amidst the unforgiving traffic of Christian liberty. I found it!