Good or Evil

“Is humankind inherently good or evil?” My primary answer is formed by the question of which God do you believe in? Do you adhere to the recapitulated atheist, Buddhist or Eastern-mystical religious view that God is the infinite Universe or do you believe that God is a monotheistic God like that of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims? Are there universally confounding laws of existence in evidence, yet undiscovered, or concealed that would dictate a responsibility of consciousness to a religious, theological, and supernatural premise or are we truly unbound by any sort of intentional design by a atheistic, relativistic infinite universe that presupposes good and evil are evolutionary, natural, chemical reactions fabricated by the mechanisms of survivability? So, to the naturalist, in respect to an ontological approach, humankind can be neither good nor evil because the question presupposes a “super” natural and higher standard of perfection; that the present state of humanity is somehow less or needs to be more than it currently is. Consequently, good and evil, like love and hate, are merely mechanisms of the chemical evolution of the present state of the infinite Universe.

To the non-atheist the question: “is humankind inherently good or evil?” the answer would have to be “good.” We observe order from the molecularly-discovered universe and conclude that even higher orders must exist in the yet undiscovered world, the genome, the irreducible complexity of living organisms, the dissent of species historically and homogenously constrained, and the supernatural experiences of forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and charity which would seem to be counterintuitive to a chaotic and disordered universe void of any ultimate good causality. We see the reproductive structure of familial relations that are good and life-giving as opposed to We see the superiority and dominance of Humankind over the animalistic world by metaphysical explorations of reason and will. We see the triumphalism of human spirit to commune, to achieve, to believe, to know, to exist, to overcome human suffering, and above all, to hope and expect. Evil is the opposition to harmony and order in an otherwise stable and predictable planet and galaxy, to keep it local. So, if humankind were inherently evil, I would conclude that we were birthed from an evil creator and humankind would be predominantly evil in a chaotic world and that any form of good as compared to the evil would subsequently diminish quite rapidly by our evil inherent nature. If order and natural law originates from chaos, what restrains the present state of chaos in such orderly fashion? If order comes from order and chaos comes through secession from order, I would surmise that good restrains evil, such that chaos is subservient to order.

Finally, I believe we are inherently good with a predisposition and supernatural exposition to evil: that which is seemingly opposite and logistically and decidedly inferior to that good infinite cause of the observable and orderly function of being.


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