It Does Matter

Protestantism is one giant search for identity that has been fluctuating for 500 years. It is man-centered and looks the same in every single schism and division. It loses more Christian identity with every “improved” division. Centered on a pastor’s preaching of his interpretation that he intelligently gathered from thousands of other former Traditional Church members.

I sit and look at one lone cloud in front of an eternity of blue

Yet dominating all of this is the golden blasting hue

It warms my cold skin morning without fail

And burns the same flesh in the noontime

Soothed with aloe of the earth

This chaos is ordered harmony

Love its only cure


THERE is No such Thing as separation of Church (religious belief, worldview, ideology) and State (persons with strongly held convictions for or against Jesus Christ, running the affairs of a nation)

For one is either passionately self-worshiping, self-journeying, self-seeking or Muslim, or Buddhist, or Mormon, or historically Christian.

For as we know, EVERYONE has a worldview, and no one, not one person ever, has the ability to hold a neutral, all-mediating and equitable authority over people. This is impossibility. This is anti-science. As in physics, so too in philosophy, every action has a consequence. The delusion captivating the world, at least in some parts, is that nothing matters and we cannot change anything.

New Americans: after Reformation Formed? Revolt, Rebel, from Tradition’s hierarchical Theological hell?

New Americans, pulled from Africa’s well? Join the Indian’s and Revolt, Rebel, from New England’s white- Christian hierarchical hell?

New Americans and global citizens, for Atheism has saved? Revolt, Rebel, from this purposeless, illogical, and random loveless hell!

Now, Oh Now, Another Empire has FELL!


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